Recruitment – How does the process work?

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At Work Supply – Trabalho Temporário Lda, we understand that, for a wide variety of reasons, some clientes are far more, or exclusively interested in direct hire – that is they are looking to hire the workers directly and place them on their own payrolls.

In the first crucial step we use the methods, tools and resources at our disposal, which include tapping into our own private database, networking, and posting and promoting job ads on the suitable channels and social media to publicise the job opportunities and attract candidates.

The second step consists of screening the candidates meticulously, including performing cross reference checks, individual interviews and even requesting documentation, criminal record certificates. This step also involves performing medical examination and psychometric testing to ensure the best possible fit between the job positions and the candidates.

The third step consists of presenting our clients with a short-list of pre-selected candidates for them to make their own assessment and a decide on which workers (if any) they wish to hire. We do all we can to ensure a smooth connection between the client and the pre-selected candidates.

The fourth step involves managing the logistics and paperwork. This requires ascertaining that all questions have been answered, employment contracts signed, necessary documents in place, reviewing appropriate travel itineraries and making sure that the onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible.

And, finally, the fifth major step entails performing regular follow-ups to provide any assistance that may be needed during the initial integration phase. If all goes as expected and the client is satisfied, we can consider mission accomplished.

However, if one or more candidates have not lived up to expectations or quit before completing three months of the contract, it´s back to the drawing board for us.

If the worker does not remain on the job for at least three months we believe it is our responsibility to find another candidate for the job at no additional cost to the client.

At Work Supply, we don´t just deliver candidates, we deliver satisfaction! We consider it a promise.

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Recruitment Process – step by step

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