Internacional Recruitment

Is your business threatened by the increasing shortage of workers all across Europe? Sick and tired of desperately looking for employees? Unable to find workers in the domestic labour market? Labour shortages can have a tremendous impact on organizations:

– Decreased productivity – Lost revenue and lower profitability – Wasted and under-explored resources – Lost opportunities – Unfulfilled obligations – Deceived partners you are struggling not to lose – Frozen development projects – Time effort and resources wasted on looking for employees with no results – Overworked employees who eventually become fed up and quit – Delays, setbacks, desperation – Poor health due to the constant stress, sleepless nights and no peace of mind – Neglected social and family relations

Does it hurt just thinking about it? We know it’s tough, but we can ease your pain. We can arrange you as many workers as you need, where and when you need them! AND, we guarantee that you are going to be pleased with their performance!

You Can Count on Us

  • Solving your labour needs regardless of your sector of economic activity and location
  • Providing access to our database composed of thousands of workers from all sectors and qualifications eager to work for you
  • Handling the entire international recruitment and placement process from A to Z!
  • Making sure you are satisfied, and the job is done properly.

We pledge:

  • to deliver your employees on time
  • that they will live up to your expectations
  • that they will honour their contractual obligations

We offer transformational, innovative and fully compliant recruitment solutions - only advantages, no risks

What our offer includes

This is what you can expect from us:

- securing candidate/s that meet your needs

- obtaining required legal documents (visa, residence and work permit, taxpayer and social security numbers)

- organizing the workers itineraries

- airport pick-up and transportation of the workers to designated accommodation

- searching for and finding accommodation for the workers (upon request)

- replacement of workers in case of poor performance, behaviour or abandonment

- assistance during the entire agreement

- mediation in case of disputes money back and replacement guarantees

We take care of the entire process from A to Z.

What if things go wrong?

Our goal is to enable and promote a mutually beneficial collaboration between the overseas workers and their employers.
However, misunderstandings may arise as they often do with domestic workers too. If and when these situations arise we take the following actions:

A - Mediation

We step in to mediate misunderstandings, listening to both sides and playing an active role in finding a solution.

B – Replacement

If not satisfied with employee’s performance during the probation period, we will provide a replacement
We also provide replacement if cases of serious misconduct arise following the probation period.

C – Money back guarantee

If Work Supply is unable to provide you with suitable workers within the agreed timeframe, the engagement fee is immediately refunded. You can choose between a refund or a replacement for an employee who clearly fails on his contractual obligations.

What is required from you?

Employers must be as committed as we are to making the international recruitment effort a success!

There´s a lot more to international recruitment of workers from third countries than meets the eye. Third country nationals and the manpower agencies that represent them spend considerable time and money in gathering all the documentation required by the consular authorities. Visa applications are time consuming and costly. This reality is all too often unappreciated. It is our duty to act responsibly and do all within our power to ensure success.

This can only be achieved by working TOGETHER. Your help is required.

20 years
With more than two decades of experience and offices in India, Portugal and now, Netherlands, Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Ltd is specialized in providing tailor-made international recruitment and placement mediation services of workers from third countries.

We’re specialized in finding workers outside of Europe to do the work that domestic workers dislike or unwilling to do.

Our motto is:

We offer peace of mind

Work Supply Logo

Work Supply does everything it can to maximise satisfation.

However, we are unable to perform miracles.

Internacional recruitment takes time, there manpower needs cannot be met overnight.

It can take many months for foreign workers to obtain the visa they requiered to travel to Europe.

It is essencial to star the recruitment process as early as possible!


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