Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a simple and straightforward concept and a management tool widely used by employers all across the world. It consists of a triangular relationship between three distinct parties usually employed when work organizations, for several reasons, require additional manpower on a temporary basis to respond to specific needs. Three parties

A – Worker

B – Temporary Staffing Agency

C – Client/User firm

The worker (A) is employed by the Temporary Staffing Agency (B) – the employer of record, who then posts the worker to his Client/User Firm (C). The employer of record (B) is responsible for paying salaries and all other employment related costs and also holds disciplinary power over the worker (A). The Client/User firm (C) commands, controls, supervises and benefits from the labour provided by the worker (A). The Client/User firm (C) pays the Temporary Staffing Agency (B) for having provided the worker (A) to perform work from which they benefitted.

Advantages of Temporary Staffing

  • FREEDOM from paperwork, headaches and COSTS of the recruitment and selection process, and also from the huge burden of payrolling
  • GREATER flexibility – provides opportunity to assess worker performance before making decision to hire
  • FINDING workers quickly
  • ACCESS to a wider and better qualified pool of candidates
  • NO responsibility for medical examination
  • IMMEDIATE REPLACEMENT of employees who do not live up to expectation
  • BENEFITS of having HR consulting and support services
  • ENSURES production levels remain unchanged during periods of increased demand for goods and services

Work Supply process: Streamlined Temp Staffing: Simplify, Succeed, Shine.

How the Process Works


The client, an employer in need of workers, submits an online Staff Requisition Form providing a job description and detailing other conditions and requirements. Alternatively, the Client can also express his manpower needs by email, phone or even in person at one of our offices or any other agreed upon location.


Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Ltd provides the Client with a written proposal for supplying temporary or long-term manpower.


Once the proposal is accepted a formal agreement specifying the terms and conditions of the temporary staffing arrangement is signed by both parties (click to view a sample proposal).


Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Ltd then proceeds to recruit and select the number of workers required by the Client. The Client is free to decide whether it wishes or not to participate in the recruitment process. Generally, Work Supply Lda performs recruitment independently, taking full responsibility for the choices made and ensuring replacements if the selected workers do not live up to expectations.


The following documents are submitted online and subject to review by the Portuguese Social Security authority:

- The formal agreement (see number 3)

- Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Ltd´s staffing license

- Corporate commercial and tax records

- Complete list of personnethe to be posted workers identification documents, occupational insurance policy and more

Only when all legal requirements are met does the Social Security department in charge of the process release the individual portable A1 documents. Approval may take up to 30 days so it is critical to request the A1 documents well in advance of the date the workers are expected to begin working (click to view a sample A1 document).


The Client notifies Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Ltd of the date the workers are to begin working. The selected workers travel to the country of destination and settle in previously arranged accommodation. They can begin working immediately.

● Possession of a mandatory surety (or business) bond of €332.000 offering exceptional reassurance and guaranteeing our clients that they are safe-guarded against losses in the very unlikely case that we fail to meet our legal obligations (since we have been established the bond has never been activated)

● Fully licensed employment agency that is totally compliant with the national and European law (in all countries where we operate)

● Experienced, hardworking, and passionate collaborators
● Excellent service at a surprisingly competitive price

● No hassle or headaches for our clients

● No shortage of top-class manpower

● Immediate replacement of workers who do not live up to expectations – no questions asked, 24/7 uncompromising and comprehensive support – we go above and beyond
And, probably most importantly,

● The ability to provide our clients with large teams of quality workers in just a matter of days

Work Supply – Temporary Staffing Agency Ltd. has a wealth of candidates in PORTUGAL – we rarely feel the need to search for candidates abroad

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