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Unfortunately, we are unable to assist potential clients that are looking to use our temporary staffing services for less than one month – besides requiring a huge investment on our part, few, if any, workers will accept any assignment for such a short period. Also, it is not possible to attract workers if they cannot consistently be provided the opportunity to work at least 150 hours per month,

Work Supply has agreements with two highly regarded and powerful multinational invoice and credit insurance agencies that perform a credit check on all new potential clients. If the request for credit insurance is denied or, if the amount approved is less than what is required to cover potential defaults on payment, the only possibility of engaging with a client under these circumstances is if another form of guarantee is provided or, if the clients agree to pay for our services in advance,

Clients that assist with, or provide free accommodation and/or transportation, benefit from significantly lower rates, in fact, potentially up to €5 per hour less.

Complete, detailed and precise descriptions of the core and transversal competencies required of the workers to be assigned and of the terms and conditions of employment offered to them, is of fundamental importance because it makes the process much easier and greatly reduces the risk of making the wrong matches between workers and jobs. This reduces the potential for misunderstandings that can lead to conflict and legal disputes,

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The essential difference between temporary agency work and outsourcing, is that the former involves nothing

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